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Blacks In Law Enforcement of America

blealogo   Blacks in Law Enforcement of America (BLEA) recognize the rich history of the African American law enforcement professional who fought for our survival and 120 years later, we now have black commissioners and chiefs in law enforcement. We will never forget the shoulders that we stand on, because we did not get here on our own. Blacks in Law Enforcement of America recognize that true policing is “extended,” meaning that the existence of BLEA will not only focus on the policy and procedures of the institution of law enforcement. BLEA will also focus on outside institutions like education, economic development, and employment that can contribute to the crime, safety, and security of the communities we serve. Blacks in Law enforcement will continue to express “ Black” as it refers to people of color that are law enforcement professionals. The emphasis is on the common experience and determination of the people of African, Afro-Caribbean and Asian origin that opposes the effects of the policies and procedures in the history of our Justice System, that are based on racial bias and disproportionality.

UNA Southern NYS Division ICERD

UN   BLEA are active  participants in the United Nations Southern New York Division Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination 

Being Black Behind the Blue Walls – Video

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Fewer Blacks Killed In Cities With More African-American Police Officers

A recent study by New York University sociologist Joscha Legewie and Columbia law professor Jeffrey Fagan revealed that African American police officers are less likely to shoot Black people than their White fellow officers. The idea to create the Fatal Encounters database of all deaths through police interaction in the USA since January 1, 2001 […]

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Full Investigation of the Death of Sandra Bland

A criminal probe has been launched into the arrest of a black woman who was pulled over by a state trooper for a traffic offense and ended up dead in a jail cell three days later, according to a report. Waller County District Attorney Elton Mathis told the Wall Street Journal that he is investigating […]

Blacks in Law enforcement will continue to express “ Black” as it refers to people of color that are law enforcement professionals. The emphasis is on the common experience and determination of the people of African, Afro-Caribbean and Asian origin that opposes the effects of the policies and procedures in the history of our Justice System, that are based on racial bias and disproportionality.
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Blacks in Law Enforcement of America supports Bernie Sanders for Democratic Presidential Primary



It is our duty as peace officers and members of Blacks in Law enforcement of America to continue the fight for freedom, justice, and equality for all citizens. We have always been advocates of law enforcement professionals by establishing continuous training and support for our officers. As black law enforcement professionals, we pledge our time, honor, and talent for the uplifting of our communities.

In keeping with our mission, it is with great pride that Blacks in Law Enforcement of America, a national organization of Black Law Enforcement Professionals, will support U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders on his run to be the Democratic Nominee for President of the United States of America.

As a national organization of Black Law Enforcement Professionals, US Senator Sanders is the only candidate that has addressed the institutional and social injustices against black, brown and indigenous Americans as violence’s, including, physical, political, legal, economic and environmental are perpetuated.

As Black Law Enforcement Professionals, we believe that Law Enforcements’ purpose is to protect and serve. Our leaders should not try to contain the poor, the economically disadvantaged or to take advantage of those disenfranchised.  We need to have a true voice in the social matters and injustices of today. Senator Sanders has been vocal in the issues of:

  • The need of police forces that reflect the diversity of our communities
  • Increasing civilian oversight of police departments
  • To federally fund and require body cameras for law enforcement officers
  • Establishing a new federal model where police training programs are the focus of every local government
  • Creating a police culture that allows for good officers to report the actions of bad officers without fear of retaliation and allows for a department to follow through on such reports.

We support Senator Sanders because his platform is to pursue national policies that value the people of color and the institution of responsible policing in America.  We are supporting a candidate that has supported the minority community when it wasn’t popular. We are supporting a man who WAS on the front lines in the battle of our civil liberties.

Damon K. Jones
New York Representative
Blacks In Law Enforcement of America

Blacks in Law Enforcement supports Mt. Vernon Arts Council



In recent weeks there has been reports of the Mount Vernon City Government's refusal of  Mt. Vernon Arts Council proposal to buy a foreclose property for the purpose of the arts and teaching the children of Mt. Vernon music.

As a national organization of Law Enforcement Professionals, this move by the Mt. Vernon City Government is unacceptable and will be detrimental to many of our youth in Mt. Vernon.

Many studies show that music programs have effects on student motivation — apparently because students tend to enjoy music and feel a sense of accomplishment when they become proficient with a musical instrument and with ensemble performances; and perhaps with gaining the people skills necessary to collaborate in a group performance; and also with cultural pride and identification that can result from increasing awareness of culturally embedded musical traditions.

The Mayor Thomas and local Pastors have recently held a forum entitled "Restoring our Future". The City Council always ask for solutions but to deny the Mt. Vernon Arts Council their proposal to buy a foreclosed property to continue the good work for our youth is showing the hypocrisy in city government. The Mayor for turning his back on the future because of the positive results the arts can have on our youth in Mt. Vernon, the City Council for refusing a proven solution for our youth in Mt. Vernon and our local leadership for their silence on this issue. 

It is unfortunate that it is easier for developers that are not from the Mt. Vernon community,  that have no ties to our community and no interest in our community other than making money to buy foreclose properties than those who have roots in the community and plan to purchase property for the greater good of the city and its youth. 

We ask those who support the purchase of the Mt. Vernon Arts Council to please sign the petition here

Message to Black Law Enforcement Professionals, Wake Up & Stand Up!

23-black-police-officer.w750.h560.2x When Black people and Black police officers are killed, usually by a white officer, we stay silent while they blame the victim. When our children are abused, tasered and criminalized by a system, we fail to connect the dots or draw parallels to ourselves or our families. We have failed as Black Law Enforcement to develop strategies to confront the genocide in our communities while allowing outsiders to repeat failed programs that have never changed the condition of our communities. When Black officers rights are abused. Others Black officers support in silence while others don’t associate themselves with the officer or the incident. We become co-conspirators of institutional racism in our own departments against our own people. We have become covert cowards. We nodded and winked at institutional policies, practices, and patterns of behavior that disproportionately inflicted misery in our birth communities. It became impossible for us to tell the truth in our homes after lying all day on our jobs. read more