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Author: Damon K. Jones

Across the Nation
What Does Trump’s ‘Blue Lives Matter’ Executive Orders Mean for Black Communities?

What Does Trump’s ‘Blue Lives Matter’ Executive Orders Mean for Black Communities? Under the Trump administration, the slogan “Blue Lives Matter” is a matter of official policy. The term has been used by white law enforcement and their supporters, reflecting a white reactionary response to Black Lives Matter and the protest movement against police violence. […]

Black Law Enforcement supports Raise the Age in New York

New York has remained draconian as it relates to Juvenile Justice Reform. To be one of two states in the nation to prosecute children as young as 13 as adults in criminal courts. Surrounding states New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Connecticut have long changed criminal responsibilities of minors. As law enforcement, we question why such a […]

Black Law Enforcement supports Westchester County Immigrant Protection Act

Communities all across America are facing ICE raids as a result of President Trump’s Executive Order. There are reports that many Immigrants are picked up as “collateral arrest” after they opened their doors to agents who were not there to specifically arrest them. Federal Judge James M. Munley of the Central Pennsylvania District has emphasized […]

Across the Nation
Police Officers: “We Didn’t Vote Republican To Get Stabbed In The Back

In the highly contentious battle to extinguish public worker rights, Iowa Republicans have attempted a divide-and-conquer approach to pit unions against each other. Their legislation splits public workers into two groups, one that’s “public safety workers,” and one that isn’t. The idea was to strip away nearly all collective bargaining rights from most public employees, […]

Black Law Enforcement Responds to the resent Shootings of two Black men by Police

As a national organization of Black Law Enforcement professionals, we send our condolences to the families of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. As Black law enforcement, when a questionable shooting arises to black people throughout America, we also feel the pain. As Black Law Enforcement we are three degrees of separation when controversial police shootings […]

Black Law Enforcement Requesting Immediate Federal Investigation of the Mt. Vernon Police Department and the Thomas Administration

It is evident from audio and video produced by the People Before Politics Radio show that the Thomas Administration issues a false report on the facts of Deputy Police Commissioner Joseph Spiezio made physical threats to City Councilman Andre Wallace. When government administrators and law enforcement make false statements, they become no different that the […]

Black Law Enforcement Responds to the Official Report of Deputy Police Commissioner Spiezio threatening City Councilman Andre Wallace

In response to the statement below dated, June 19, 2016, concerning the actions of your Deputy Police Commissioner Joseph Spiezio. As Acting Police Commissioner and a member of the Thomas Administration, we assume that Acting Police Commissioner Fatigate understands the penalty of making false official statements. A false report is a crime governed by federal […]

Blacks in Law enforcement will continue to express “ Black” as it refers to people of color that are law enforcement professionals. The emphasis is on the common experience and determination of the people of African, Afro-Caribbean and Asian origin that opposes the effects of the policies and procedures in the history of our Justice System, that are based on racial bias and disproportionality.
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