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Black Law Enforcement addresses alleged voter intimidation of the Astorino Administration

On the eve of Election Day, our organization has received reports of possible voter intimidation tactics by Republicans and supporters of the Astorino Administration. As a national law enforcement organization, we are reminding voters that there are state and federal laws that protect them against voter intimidation. Anyone trying to keep a person from voting […]

Blue Wall
Blue Racism is a Figment of NYPD SBA Pres. Ed Mullins Imagination

In response to the NYPD  Sergeants Benevolent Association Union video called Blue Racism, as Black Law Enforcement Professionals, we are insulted and embarrassed that Union Leadership would intentionally twist meanings of words that have a long history of hate and suffering. First, as Black Law Enforcement Professionals we recognize that Blue is not an ethnic group […]

Do Black Lives Matter to the FOP? Black Members Do Not Actually Exist!

During the dedication of the Police Memorial in D.C., the Federation Of Police (FOP) was the largest and principal support organization. The National Black Police Association (NBPA) was also a supporter. The Police Memorial March highlighted the NBPA participation much to the chagrin of the FOP and other prominent non-black police associations and labor unions. […]

Black Law Enforcement Opposes FOP’s Endorsement of Trump

Blacks in Law Enforcement of America, USA is not surprised by the National endorsements of one of the Presidential candidates by the National Fraternal Order of Police (FOP). In our opinion and experience, the FOP has never been an organization that operated on behalf of African American Police Officers. This organization in the past has […]

Black Law Enforcement Requesting Immediate Federal Investigation of the Mt. Vernon Police Department and the Thomas Administration

It is evident from audio and video produced by the People Before Politics Radio show that the Thomas Administration issues a false report on the facts of Deputy Police Commissioner Joseph Spiezio made physical threats to City Councilman Andre Wallace. When government administrators and law enforcement make false statements, they become no different that the […]

Mt. Vernon Community Demanding Formal Investigation of Mt. Vernon City Government Illegally shutting down local Businesses

Please join community leaders, local business owners and concern residents as they demand state of federal investigations in the actions of the Mount Vernon City Government and Mayor Richard Thomas’ new Quality of Life Task Force from illegally closing local businesses in Mt. Vernon. Friday, May 27, 2016, at 11AM, at OK Freddy’s Meat Market, […]

Blacks in Law Enforcement supports the Mt. Vernon Arts Council

                        In recent weeks there has been reports of the Mount Vernon City Government’s refusal of  Mt. Vernon Arts Council proposal to buy a foreclose property for the purpose of the arts and teaching the children of Mt. Vernon music. As a national organization […]

Blacks in Law enforcement will continue to express “ Black” as it refers to people of color that are law enforcement professionals. The emphasis is on the common experience and determination of the people of African, Afro-Caribbean and Asian origin that opposes the effects of the policies and procedures in the history of our Justice System, that are based on racial bias and disproportionality.
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