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Do Black Lives Matter to Black Politicians? The Death of Raynette Turner



Mrs. Turner was the Fifth black female to die in police custody in the month of July! As Black Law Enforcement we have an obligation to find out why these (cell block) deaths are occurring.

As an Organization of Black Law Enforcement Professionals, we have questions pertaining to the death of Mrs. Turner.

We feel it is irresponsible of Mt. Vernon’s Mayor Ernest D. Davis to conclude that there was no wrong doing by anyone in the Mount Vernon Police Department before the investigation by the Attorney General’s is complete.

As a national organization of Law Enforcement Professionals, we have seen first hand people given DAT (desk appearance tickets) or ROR (released on their own recognizance) with greater offenses that Mrs. Turner’s, and with higher offenses in their arrest jackets (criminal history).

As law enforcement professionals, we also know that police management would move expeditiously that a prisoner with such a Minor Offense and with an ailment or sickness be given a DAT or ROR. We question the actions of MVPD Management by taking the risk, of having a sick prisoner in lock up.

Our organization is also well aware of the pattern of MVPD management decision to DAT or ROR a subject is far greater if that subject was white, while black subjects are usually held for the weekend for minor offences.

Law Enforcement accountability and oversight has become a national conversation along with the unjust treatment of black people by law enforcement, nationwide.

The silence is deafening and disappointing from the elected officials of Mt. Vernon. Even some of the candidates that have announced their candidacy to run for elected office have been tight-lipped on a death of a mother of 8 in police custody.

It is unfortunate that a city like Mt. Vernon, that is governed by Black Elected Officials, has failed miserably to provide any proper oversight of its majority white police force. The “Patterns and Practices” that have been unchecked of the MVPD makes us wonder do “Black Live Matter” to Black Elected Officials?

We expect a review and the appropriate changes made in the MVPD’s Policy & Procedures in regards to the cell block safety and security.

There are many good officers in the MVPD, we support those officers. Unfortunately, when you have antiquated policies and procedures, it not only puts the community at risk, it also puts the officers at risk as well.

As a National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Professionals, Black Lives do Matter, and we are going to continue to make this statement until the ATROCITIES between the police and black people cease.

Mike Hannon
Blacks In Law Enforcement of America


It is our duty as peace officers and members of Blacks in Law enforcement of America to continue the fight for freedom, justice, and equality for all citizens. We will be advocates of law enforcement professionals by establishing continuous training and support. As black law enforcement professionals, we pledge our time, honor, and talent for the uplifting of our communities. We are truly the leaders of the community, in and out of our blue uniform.

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Blacks in Law enforcement will continue to express “ Black” as it refers to people of color that are law enforcement professionals. The emphasis is on the common experience and determination of the people of African, Afro-Caribbean and Asian origin that opposes the effects of the policies and procedures in the history of our Justice System, that are based on racial bias and disproportionality.
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